Web data extraction service,web scraping service

What we do

Simply said we collect data from web sites that contain data you need to have for any reason.We deliver that data in form that you need and can use easily. In other words we put all data that is otherwise scattered all over the site (though it looks pretty for visitors-think IMDB) in a DB of your choice. It can be simple text format,or more specialized formats such as CSV,MYSQL,JSON,XML...

How do we do this?

After you contacted us and explained your requirements we spend some time examining the site (sites) in question and think of the most efficient way to crawl (scrape,spider) the site for pages containing information you need,than we parse those pages and extract only data you need (product names,movie titles,prices,related images,dates,contact addresses...).After extraction is finished we organize data in a way we think is most useful or according to your specific instructions and pack them in a data base of your choice. In our work we use many different software tools: crawler,downloader,parser,data base management system... And almost always we need to program our own utilities to get the specific work done because every project is different and no software can cover all details that pop up in specific cases.

Who is this for?

Our customers come from all walks of life so to speak,there isn't exact type,so here are couple of examples of people we worked with:

  • A Student needed a huge amount of social data for his paper
  • A free lancer music composer wanted contact information of video companies in California
  • Software vendor wanted to check similar products from a list of software download sites
  • Music store owner wanted email addresses of members of couple of online forums related to specific instruments

This is just to give you an idea of what is our service used for.


Although main and most obvious advantage of using our data extraction service is time saving there are other benefits too. To name some of them:

  • Time saving (we finish in days,sometimes in hours, things that would take you weeks of work)
  • You don't have to buy  any software.
  • No learning curve. Learning how to use software can be time consuming and if you don't spend some time learning ins and outs you will not be using it efficiently even if you paid for it.
  • Having organized and structured data opens up possibilities for new ideas that you didn't even think of before
  • You can focus on other things knowing that this will be done for you


Since every project is different (in complexity,scale,timeframe,tools used,whether the process can be fully automated or includes more of manual work...) there isn't a fixed price of course. But we can promise couple of things:

  • We will discuss and agree on the price with you
  • We will not try to squeeze as much money from you as possible
  • You will not pay until the project is finished
  • We will send sample data for you to verify that it is what you want before you pay
  • Our price will not exceed the possible gain you can have by using our service